We take an evidence-based, integrated approach to nutrition

Our recommendations are grounded in science

We understand you by putting the individual pieces together and make out what your body crave. Instead of you guessing what health statues you have, we help you to understand and identify the statues of your body. We screen your blood as a doctor and dietitian would do and combine it with your health data to reveal insights about you. The recommendations are grounded in the science that physicians and dietitians use in their clinical work every day. The nutritional advice are based on the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations

The blood test controls indicators within eight focus areas

It gives you exhaustive insights about your health. The indicators cover the most common biological indicators such as thyroid, cardiovascular, blood glucose, liver and kidney functions, inflammations and a comprehensive blood status.   

The test detects if you are in danger to get certain diseases

People that take the test have been detected for current metabolic diseases or have been given awareness that they have an increased risk for future cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. The test also gives you insights about if you eat enough vitamins and minerals. For best insights and to enable a long-term development repeat the test to track your progress. The test gives the dietitian more data to understand you body and design the recipes for you.

All test results keep the highest clinical quality

The analysis is done in hospital laboratories. Legitimized physicians reviews your results and detects if any value is out of the ordinary. All values get exposed to you in your personal journal together with explanations of what insights they give you.