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The developer Chenhui Xu is joining Eatit

Let us introduce one of our team members! Chenhui Xu is studying Science Communication Systems at the Royal Institute of Technology and is conducting an internship with Eatit.

Why did you decide to join Eatit?

I am really excited to join the ambitious team at Eatit who are dedicated to the health industry. With great challenges ahead, Eatit never stops exploring and progressing, and I am very happy that I can be one of them. It is such a joy to work together with my lovely fellow colleagues.

Why is health tech interesting to you?

Health technology, by its definition, means the application of knowledge and skills that improve quality of lives. It is what I always pursue, and I would love to devote myself in it. I hope that with my effort I could make the technology accessible to more people and ensure they can have a better life.

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