A blood test reveal unique insights about you

The journey to your new healthy lifestyle begins with a quick blood test at your local care center (Vårdcentral). No need to schedule time in advance. Make your purchase in the Eatit app and conveniently visit your local care center with your personal-ID. The test takes only a few minutes.

2. Results

The test results is the base for your unique health plan

Once all the test results are in, the transformation can begin. Generate your individualized recipes and get your health recommendations in the Eatit app. The test results are combined with information about your lifestyle and taste profile. Our cognitive intelligence is trained by professional physicians, researchers and dieticians. The recommendations are aligned with your health goals to enable you to optimize yourself.

3. coaching

Improve your results with a personal coach

Get one-on-one support from one of our experts. Discuss which lifestyle changes you should focus on first for greatest impact and strategies for how to implement your new lifestyle in to your current life. Your coach can reignite or increase your motivation, help you set realistic goals and guide you on what you should eat when the cravings set in.

4. Food is medicine

The optimized you is just some meals away

The cornerstone in your new lifestyle is to eat good food. With good food we mean food that taste good, that does good for you and for your planet. Get inspired by the recipes or order the ingredients with home delivery to make your new life as smooth as possible. Order the ingredients and receive them from your favorite store. All the way to your door-step.